Our promises

For trans people:

By working through Genderjobs, you actively contribute to an improvement of gender diversity. For every hour you work via Genderjobs, we donate €1 to Genderbuddy, the project of the Catharina Anastasia Foundation that we support.

Through Genderjobs you only apply for jobs with organisations that embrace gender diversity and actively work towards a safe, inclusive working environment. Our mediators will quickly match you with the right employer, in a way that suits you.

Are you unable to work due to absenteeism related to a transgender trajectory? We have good contact with employee insurance agencies. For reintegration assistance we work together with Gendertalent. So you are never alone.

Will you be sent out via Genderjobs, seconded or will you be on our payroll? Then there are three parties involved in the assignment: the flexworker (that’s you), the company you work and us (your formal employer). We pay you your daily salary and the daily management is done by the company.

For employers:

Do you want to be socially responsible? When you deploy a candidate with a gender-diverse background, you give concrete form to your diversity policy.

For every hour that a flexworker works, via Genderjobs, we donate €1 to Genderbuddy, the project of the Catharina Anastasia Foundation that we support.

In addition, you can use Genderjobs’ invoices in the audit to provide insight into the amount you have used for social return.

Genderjobs is the first flexwork agency focused on gender and work. Through us, you have access to flexworkers that can contribute actively to the diversity of your workforce, you can implement your diversity policy, and you can achieve your social return.

Mediation via Genderjobs is always personal and tailor-made. You will get a permanent intermediary who keeps in touch with you and has knowledge of your work. Because our interviewees are themselves specialists in gender and work, they quickly find candidates who work in the way that suits your organization: Recruitment & selection, flexwork, secondment, payrolling or contracting

The length of the contracts and the height salary will be determined by local rules and collective agreements of workers unions and employers of the country and sector where the position is located. In all other cases, the salary will be determined in consultation with the employer and employee, based on the knowledge and experience of the applicant.

Our services

Genderjobs is the first flex work organization specialized in trans people.

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